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I look like I’m a fucking 12 year old, I know :P lol

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(0_0) W0wZaaAa…. My ovaries are glowing right now.

moodboard + carolina hurricanes (insp)

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People in Sweden, can you help me please? :) There’s this video of Elias that I really want to watch, but I can’t because it’s not available in the US. Any chance that someone would be willing to help me out and upload the video onto Tumblr for me?? Or does anybody know a way that I can change the settings on my computer to be able to watch it?? Anyways…. this may sound weird but omg I just love Elias so much ;). Here’s the link to the video: http://www.viasatsport.se/videoklipp/hockey/lindholm-det-har-varit-kampigt/  

Please help me out if you can! 


(calls police) hello, some bitch is still trying to talk to me about frozen

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I’m ready! 

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I’m sorry I’m just trying to recompose myself after watching this.

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Kaitlyn dresses as A.J. Lee [June 28th, 2013]

During the psychological warfare between former friends A.J. Lee and Kaitlyn over the WWE Divas Championship, A.J. humiliated Kaitlyn by setting her up to believe that Kaitlyn had a secret admirer. After it was revealed to be A.J.’s running buddy, Big E Langston, A.J.  further added insult by dressing as Kaitlyn on the following episode of Raw. However, only a few days later, Kaitlyn returned the favor by appearing dressed as A.J., which infuriated the Divas Champion and cost her to lose her match against Natalya! [x]

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CM Punk: the real MVP

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I think it’s so disrespectful how every time AJ gets in the ring the crowd starts chanting CM Punk.